Construction - Phase 2
The time period for Phase 2 was from November 16 to December 11, 2016, ending with the Dedication ceremony. Work performed by Contractors Patio Area and “Grotto Area” (area that will contain the base for the platform for the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the sponsorship bricks) Removed 10" of soil from the combined areas to be covered by the Patio and the Grotto Areas.  Hauled away soil. Spread and compressed approximately 8" of baserock over entire area.  Added and spread additional baserock until entire area was at the correct slope to control water runoff. Built forms for the base on which the platform sits, the platform itself, and a small "kneeler" on the front side. Built forms for a 8.5" wide separator strip to surround the Grotto Area on three sides.  Poured concrete for the platform base, the platform, the kneeler, and the separator strip.  Approximately 9 yards of concrete was used. Patio Area only Laid concrete pavers according to specific pattern.  Used sand where necessary to level pavers. Spread tan polysweep sand between joints in pavers to keep pavers from moving. Installed steel border around perimeter of pavers where pavers do not butt up against the concrete separator strip of the Grotto Area. Installed 5 steel benches on pavers in Patio Area. Grotto Area only Installed sponsorship bricks according to a specific pattern. Spread tan polysweep sand between joints in bricks to keep bricks from moving. Installed steel border around perimeter of bricks in area where bricks do not butt up against the concrete separator strips. Platform for the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe Attached/wrapped natural stone veneer to all four sides of the platform.  Each piece of veneer stone is trimmed so that all pieces fit tightly together.  No mortar is used in joints between pieces. Attached a small rectangular slab of natural stone to the top of the kneeler. Attached a very large rectangular slab of natural stone on top of the platform.  Epoxy adhesive was used to anchor the slab to the top of the platform. Mounted the bronze statue on top of the natural stone slab. Two holes were drilled through the slab on top of the platform extending down into the platform itself, which is made of solid concrete. Two steel rods were bolted to the inside of the statue.  The statue was elevated above the platform, the holes in the platform were filled with epoxy adhesive, and the statue was lowered so that the rods extending from it were forced into the holes containing the adhesive, effectively bonding the statue to the platform below it. Installed two bronze plaques to the front of the platform. Work performed by Volunteers Moved all of the mulch from the area that would eventually be covered by the Patio Area and the Grotto Area of the Prayer Garden, to the area along Alden Lane parkway. Assembled 5 metal benches and attached a sponsorship plaque to the front side of the back of each bench. Attached a rock to a cement base in front of each olive tree (including the olive trees planted on the Alden Lane parkway) and attached a sponsorship plaque to the rock. Replaced the sections of metal fence that had been installed during Construction Phase-1 but were removed by the contractor at the start of Phase-2 in order to facilitate access of equipment to the Prayer Garden area. Planted additional roses. Rerouted drainage from the downspouts on the church building.  This involved creating a "chase" under the church sidewalk. Created a utilities "chase" parallel to the Alden Lane sidewalk where the Patio Area pavers meet the sidewalk to provide access to the Prayer Garden from the sidewalk. Trimmed all of the olive trees (including those on the Alden Lane parkway). Trimmed the large canary palm tree. Rerouted some of the irrigation lines. Cleaned and painted the outside wall of the church building (performed by Knights of Columbus). _______________________ For information on Construction - Phase 1, click here. To see a drawing of the Prayer Garden, click here. For a Construction Overview, click here To view a listing of materials used in the Prayer Garden project, click here For the overall Prayer Garden Project Time Line, click here To view a slide show of construction activities, click here